Wednesday, May 28, 2008

nasyid ON stAGe in KMM--my beloved brothers (AL_FAROUQ)

Artis : Rast

Sahabat.. Masih ada waktu
Untuk kau dan aku menghitung
Dosa-dosa lalu

Lantas membasuhnya
Kembali menyinar
Menghiasi taman-taman kasih

Masih ada waktu bagi kita
Mengikis coreng-coreng mazmumah
Dan mengutip kuntuman mahmudah
Menghiasi kamar hidup ini

Dan masih ada waktu bagi kita
Untuk memupuk kasih dan sayang
Sekuntum cinta Ilahi
Seharum cinta yang murni

Moga ukhwah yang dicipta ini
Kan terjalin bersama mesra sejati
Bersama memupuk kasih cinta Ilahi
Moga bahgia di negeri abadi



For this tyme....what I want 2 discuss is all about this lyric....the nasyid we (AL FAROUQ) had performed during CIF (COLLEGE ISLAMIC FESTIVAL) in KMM few months ago.....lead by AFIQ (our mentor and harmony voice)...FAIZ (cute lead vocalist..hehe) and followed by ANUAR, SAIFUL and ME.....

As we all know....nasyid is created as a medium of giving dakwah to others...praising ALLAH.....his messengger RASULULLAH pbuh (peace be upon him).....and many more...including the companions of RASULULLAH...nasyid is very pleasant to be listened to....words used is good....many advices is implanted in the lyrics...good ethics....argh...~~~too many to be listed of....

Take the good things and left the unnescessary things...I did not mean to say bad things about others but..nasyid nowadays...there are FEW who make people love to think like this


I did not mean to hurt anyone or any nasyid artists...but this is true...yeah...I have heard a lot from my friends in KMM few months back there..they say..."gile jiwang ar ko ni"...then i ask why did he say so....he answered "ni..lirik lagu ni...jiwang gile..."

Keayuan yg tergambar
Lukisan nur iman
Bersulamkan keindahan santun perkataan
Bagai putih salju mendinginkan hangat perasaan
Mengusir segala resah di jiwa

Kusampaikan slm ucapan mesra
dan merisik khabar berita
Masihkah ada peluang
Utkku melafazkan cinta
Umpama rembulan jatuh ke riba
Mendengar khabaran darinya
Padaku kau memendam rasa

This is the lyric of one of the so-called jiwang nasyid (like what my friend had said back there)...after a little bit thourough investigation on the is true that this song is dedicated to lovers...INSAN BERNAMA KEKASIH...i gave a sigh and think a bit...well..I also like this song because of the rhytm..woaaa...its fantastic...but the lyrics..well..a little too jiwang so to say...well..what can I say...i'm not d one who manage the lyrics...but like what ive said....take only the good things and left bad ones...ISLAM teaches us to think positively and do not SIMPLY blame others..perhaps they have any reasonable reasons that we do not know...isn't it...?even our beloved RASULULLAH pbuh also does not think bad to others at why should we....?

AMAR MAKRUF NAHI MUNGKAR_berpesan-pesan dengan kesabaran....berpesan-pesan dengan kebenaran_

I wanted to apology if there are any person who did not agree with my opinion...I'm just only an imperfect human..and i still learn..even learning process do not end everlasting....follow sunnah RASULULLAH pbuh...and insya ALLAH...we got access to successfulness in life and after life....wallahualam..~

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