Sunday, December 14, 2008

they are who they are..and i am who i am.....sigh....~

assalamualaikum wbt....

huhu...not really in d mood of neither posting nor's just i'm a lil bit frustrated..why..?of course becoz of the result for d final exam last month...though the result out are not fully detailed yet, but ive got myself 2 "lulus bersyarat" provisional result....sigh..~the "lulus bersyarat" ranged of c- to f..well..having 2 of them out of 6 subjects..isn't sumthing good ryte..? not dat easy-to-become-moody performance is d reflection of what ive done for the past use of crying over spilt milk...kan..?alhamdulillah..i am still allowed to register courses of 2nd sem online..meaning dat insya Allah overall pointer for 2nd semester is above 2.0...but d full grades havent been out will be out-ted (haha) in the 19th of disember.....and i am extremely anxious 4 d results...well..

havent mention it..but the 2 "lulus bersyarat" papers are discrete maths and computer organisation..the other 4 (english,bm,management,programming) is in "lulus" ranged (c to a grades)....the outcome of still wallahualam...HE knows best of me...insya Allah..ive also registered for the second semester courses...insya Allah..these are the courses...

>O.S(operating systems)
>logic n applications
>minor management
>SHE(ethnic relation)

all of these are composed of 19 units...which IS considered as d full unit a student can take is 20...pray for my change of a LOT MORE HARDWORKING...THOUGHTFUL-always person...huhu..amin..ya rabbal-aalamin...

ok..till the result is posted out..da....~


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falleN said...

eheh...sound like you're from sc com student heh? logic is sumting like fizik during form 5.stuoid get's look like so easy but +_= it's so hard eh. But gambate ney.... asal rajin wat tutor,x malu bertanya dan segan untuk ponteng kelas.insya allah boleh skor sume